HB: One-day workshops

Facilitated by Sitara Blasco y Juanjo Segura

They take place in different spanish cities with open groups for new members.

Several participants attending these workshops, once or more times, declare they have therapeutic and beneficial results which influde physical, emotional, psychological and spiritually in a positive way.

Holotropic Breathwork: 1-day experiential workshops  

Sitara Blasco Respiración HolotrópicaAssisting a 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity of experimenting and getting to know the Holotropic Breathwork. The 1-day workshops are designed so that anyone can access the experience of Holotropic Breathwork. It is the ideal way to be introduced to the practice of Holotropic Breathwork and/or to continue a process of personal growth, therapy, self-exploration or healing.

These workshops will take place periodically with groups, open to new participants, in different Spanish cities (see calendar).

The purpose of the workshops is to use the Holotropic Breathwork as a path to personal growth, healing or self-exploration in view of getting into the work with non-ordinary states of consciousness, with a skilful support and guidance.

The Holotropic Breathwork is an effective method for deep self-exploration and experiential psychotherapy.

In the Holotropic Breathwork workshops one can experience processes of emotional liberation, healing of psychosomatic problems, opening, relaxation, as well as a sense of greater connection and expansion of consciousness.

The Holotropic Breathwork is an effective method for deep self-exploration and experiential psychotherapy. It was created by the Czech psychiatrist Dr. Stan Grof, co-founder of the Transpersonal Psychology which combines intensified breathing, evocative music, focused body work, creative expression (mandalas) and group integration.

Sitara Blasco Respiración HolotrópicaWith the help of the breath and the evocative music, the psyche gets activated and it is possible to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness, which Grof denominates as “holotropic”. These states can be compared to the ones reached during spiritual practices, meditations, fasts, shamanic trances or any other ritual from diverse cultures. It involves experiences of an immense curative, transforming and evolutionary potential in which the consciousness expands and gives access of understanding the nature of existence.

In these states, the psyche has the surprising therapeutic capacity of activating a mechanism that serves as an inner healer. This inner healer which we all have selects and brings to the consciousness highly emotionally charged subconscious contents which are of great psychological importance. During the Holotropic Breathwork sessions we can connect with biographical and perinatal (birth process) material or access the transpersonal realm which transcends the normal boundaries of the ego and body, connecting with – what Jung denominated – “collective unconscious” and the universe in general.

Who should practice Holotropic Breathwork  

Anyone who wants to or needs:

• access healing and insight
• access states of relaxation and release stress
• activate and integrate subconscious contents
• meet and bond with other similar-minded people
• go through a therapeutic process and/or boost and support their present therapy
• move past stuckness and re-energize their life
• tap into more creativity
• release physical tensions and psychosomatic symptoms
• revitalise and/or find their own purpose of life
• heal trauma, phobia, anxiety, depression
• re-live and/or work with passed experiences, including birth
• integrate emotions and experiences
• prevent emotional difficulties and promote integral health
• improve meditative and/or spiritual practice
• know themselves better and obtain a wider perspective on life
• personal and transpersonal investigation
• work with expanded states of consciousness, i.e. rite of passage
• explore the expanded state of consciousness in general with specialized assistance
• supervised practises for facilitators during their training on the Grof Transpersonal Training course.

No previous experience is needed.

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