Transpersonal Psychology

It see to the study of the highest potencial of the human being as well as recognize and expand the comprehension of the status

What is HB

One of the most powerful and effective techinques of experiential psychotherapy and deep self-exploration existing.

HB Objectives

To guide the person in a fascinating trip through the kingdoms previously unknown of the psyche.

How is a workshop and to whom it may concern

It combines breathing, evocative music, corporal focused work, art (mandalas) and group integration. For the personal development.

How a workshop is and to whom it may concern


Holotropic Breathwork is an effective method of deep self-exploration and experiential Psychotherapy that combines breathing, evocative music, focused body work, art (mandalas) and group integration. Through breathing and evocative music the psyche becomes activated and it is possible to go into expanded states of consciousness, which Grof calls ‘Holotropic’.

Just like men and women of all cultures have always done, we gather to delve, through expanded states of consciousness, into therapeutic areas and into areas of personal and group healing. These states are comparable to those obtained in spiritual practices and meditation, fasting, shamanic trances and rituals of many cultures. They involve experiences with an immense healing, transformative and evolutionary potential, in which the awareness expands and opens us to understand the nature of existence.

In this context, the psyche has the amazing ability to activate our own therapeutic healer, who selects and brings unconscious contents – often with a strong emotional charge and of great psychological importance – to our awareness.

In these experiences we do not only connect with the biographical material (our life from birth), but also with the perinatal level (related to the birth process) and with the transpersonal domain, the domain in which the usual limits of the body and the ego are transcended, in order to connect with (what Jung called) the ‘collective unconscious’ and to connect with the universe in general.

‘This is the only job I know that so well incorporates the findings of Freud, Jung and Rank, adding fresh “insights” that the methods of these therapists could never have achieved.’ Joseph Campbell


Holotropic Breathwork is recommended for personal growth and for therapeutic treatment of psychosomatic, emotional and psychological difficulties. It allows the access to deep layers of the psyche and activates our own inner wisdom. Working with Holotropic or expanded states of consciousness provides a broader, more enlightened and loving perspective of our own life and reality.

It has been discovered that the activation of the psyche generates spontaneous healing processes, guided by a deep organismic wisdom. When continuing the Holotropic process, the results are astonishing. Sometimes within a few sessions, sudden releases from depression, phobias, asthma and from severe tensions and stress can be observed. The connection, the experience of that inner power, the absence of guilt, the opening to the spiritual dimension that goes beyond the body and the ego, allow us to experience a profound self-confidence.

The workshops are intended for people who want or need to: - Access states of relaxation and to release stress.

- Activate and to integrate unconscious contents.

- Interact and connect with like-minded people.

- To make a therapeutic process and/or to encourage and support your current therapy.

- Mobilize blocked energies and to increase creativity.

- Release tensions in the body and psychosomatic symptoms.

- Revitalize and/or to find the meaning of life.

- Work on traumas, phobias, anxiety and depression.

- Relive and/or elaborate past experiences, including birth.

- Integrate emotions and experiences.

- Prevent emotional difficulties and to boost one’s holistic health.

- Improve self-esteem and the relationship with oneself.

- Improve your meditation and/or spiritual practice.

- Learn from oneself and to get a broader perspective of life.

- Do personal and transpersonal research.

- Work with expanded states of consciousness as a rite of passage or transition.

- Explore the expanded states of consciousness in general accompanied by qualified facilitators.

- Fulfil their mandatory supervised practises in the ‘Grof Transpersonal Training’ program.


All workshops are led and facilitated by Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura. Both have extensive experience in accompanying people in therapeutic work, as well as in experiences which involve diving into expanded states of consciousness. They have been trained by Dr. Stan Grof and are working closely with him, and they form an active part of the international team of trainers of the Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT). In many workshop, other facilitators, who have completed the GTT training, join them in their team.

Sitara Blasco. Psychologist. MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychology. Certified in Holotropic Breathwork and member of the team of ‘Grof Transpersonal Training’ trainers. Stan Grof’s translator in the Spanish-speaking modules. Formed in the Claudio Naranjo’s SAT Program, body techniques, shamanism, meditation, theatre and clown. Facilitates regularly Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Spain. Works as psychologist in Alicante.

Juanjo Segura. Psychotherapist, Master in Integrative Psychology. Certified Holotropic Breathwork and member of the team of ‘Grof Transpersonal Training’ trainers. Formed in the Claudio Naranjo’s SAT Program, body techniques and shamanism. Practitioner of Zen. Organizer of the ‘Grof Transpersonal Training’ in Spain. Facilitates regularly Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Spain. Lives and practices in Alicante.


Breathing sessions are intended to be a personal growth experience and should not be considered a substitute for psychotherapy. Holotropic Breathwork can involve intense experiences accompanied by strong emotional and physical releases. This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, some diagnoses of psychiatric disorders, fractures, or recent surgery, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy or active spiritual emergencies. If you have any doubts as to whether you should participate in a session, it is essential that you consult your doctor or therapist, and the organizers of the workshop, beforehand.

Contact information

Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura

Tel. +34 607 302 727
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