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Solid program of theoretical training linked to a practical training.


To obtain the facilitator certification in HB.


Description of the mandatory and optative modules of the GTT Program.


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Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT)

Training Program.

Presentation of GTT Program

Respriración Holotrópica Holotrópica Breathwork Grof Transpersonal TrainingStanislav and Cristina Grof founded “Grof Transpersonal Training”, an organization placed in California which offers a training program in Holotropic Breathwork, based in Transpersonal Psychology. The training program started taking place basically in California but nowadays it is also possible to do it internationally. Spain is one of the countries where the training is done, offering since 2004 a GTT training of very high quality. Plus, is the  only place in Europe where the GTT Certification is constantly given. Modules are taught by Stanislav Grof, Tav Sparks and other teachers of GTT staff, although Grof is not physically present in all modules International modules management is in the care of Tav Sparks, GTT director and closest Stan Grof’s team member since he started his training in 1989.  


How is the GTT training and how long does it take?

Together with the practical training, a solid theoretical training program is offered. It involves a deep personal work. A minimum of two years, from the first starting module, is required to complete the training. No maximum time is requested to finish the program. Training can be started in any module.

Stanislav and Cristina Grof founded Grof Transpersonal Training in 1998 

In which language are the modules?
All over the world, modules are given in English. There are participants coming from many different countries. In Spain, translation to Spanish is offered and all contents, talks, etc. are translated to Spanish.

When do the modules take place?
In Spain, 2 modules are given per year, one in spring (normally during Easter holidays) and another in August/September. There is no need to follow a specific order to attend modules.

Could the complete training be done in Spain?
Yes, actually Spain has one of the most active and vibrant trainings in the world. All required modules are offered steadily, Closing Certification Intensive module included, so the whole training can be completed in Spain. If a student misses one module, it can be taken during the next round. Training can be started and ended in any module, in any country.

Is there any order to take the training modules?
Training is designed to be flexible and to adapt to any student’s necessities, rhythm, process and availability. Each person takes modules in the desired order, timing and country.

Where do modules take place in Spain?
Modules are 6-days residential and they take place in the Costa Brava, in beautiful, comfortable hotels located approximately one hour away from Barcelona and 40 minutes from Girona. Hotels are placed near the see, with great views, pool and all kind of facilities, so that participants can also enjoy the venue and the pleasant Spanish weather.

Can just one module be attended?
Yes, training modules are open to people who wish to attend just one particular module (or several) due to specific interest in the particular subject of a given module or because of a desire to use the module as part of a personal process. To attend a module does not imply any commitment to complete the program.

Is it necessary to have any kind of previous experience to attend a module?
No previous experience is needed to attend a module. If desired, one-day workshops can be attended as a first contact with HB. (see schedule).

Who should attend the GTT program?
GTT program is addressed to anyone who desires to benefit from this method of deep exploration as a way of self-development, and/or in order to become a HB facilitator (to be trained to lead workshops using HB). The program is especially useful for psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, students and workers of several health areas. Also highly recommended for people who are interested in exploring the consciousness and expanded states of consciousness. GTT program offers a solid theoretical training in the field of Transpersonal Psychology, with an important focus on “expanded states of consciousness”, together with an intense experiential training in Holotropic Breathwork. There are two parallel and simultaneous possible modalities in the training for those who wish to become certified: Educational and Practitioner

A.- Educational: As a personal growth path. It involves a deep process of exploration an evolution with strong therapeutic possibilities. Also for those interested in exploring and benefit from work in expanded states of consciousness

B.- Practitioner: For those who wish to work as facilitators leading Holotropic Breathwork workshops or sessions. The program has a strong emphasis in learning specific support to people in their work in expanded states of consciousness, including all the aspects of preparation and integration. To work as Holotropic Breathwork facilitator it is required to become certified (to complete the training and all the program requirements. Please check requirements out in this website or at GTT international website.)

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